4CrMnSiMoV steel is one of the steel grades developed in China in the field of low alloy large section hot work die steel in the past 20 years.

4CrMnSiMoV steel has high tempering resistance and good high temperature strength, thermal fatigue resistance and toughness. It also has good hardenability and good cold and hot working properties. The steel is suitable for the manufacture of various types of hammer dies and press forging dies.


4CrMnSiMoV Chemical Composition

CSiMnP (≤)S (≤)CrV

4CrMnSiMoV Mechanical Properties

Proof strengthTensile strengthImpact energyElongation at fractureReduction in cross section on fractureAs-Heat-Treated ConditionBrinell hardness(HBW)
313(≥)425(≥)444422Solution and Aging, Annealing, Ausaging, Q+T112

Physical Properties

Temperature T
Specific heat
Thermal conductivity
Creep strain limit
Creep rupture strength
Electric resistance
Modulus of elasticity
965627847Solution and Aging, Annealing, Ausaging, Q+T222

Heat Treatment

Hot Working Specifications

Steel ingot: heating temperature 1160~1180℃, starting temperature 1100~1150℃, end temperature ≥850℃, slow cooling (sand cooling or pit cooling).

Steel billet: heating temperature 1100~1150℃, starting temperature 1050~1100℃, end temperature ≥850℃, slow cooling (sand cooling or pit cooling).

Isothermal Annealing Specifications

Annealing temperature is 840~860℃, heat preservation is 2~4h, isothermal temperature is 700~720℃, heat preservation is 4~8h, and the furnace is cooled to below 500℃ for air cooling.

General Quenching Specification

Quenching temperature 860~880℃, oil cooling, hardness 56~58HRC. 4CrMnSiMoV Steel


  • 1) 4CrMnSiMoV steel is suitable for large and medium forging dies.
  • 2) Compared with the service life of hot die steel such as 5CrNiMo, the service life of this steel is the highest. Such as connecting rod die, front beam die, gear die, flange segment die (deep die), etc., the service life of the 5CrNiMo die is increased by 1 to 0.8 times.
  • 3) The service life of straightening dies, bending dies and flat forging dies is generally 0.5 times higher than that of 5CrNiMo. Individuals exceed 1 to 2 times.
  • 4) Used to make hammer forging dies, press forging dies and bending dies.

4CrMnSiMoV steel products:

Product typeProductsDimensionProcessesDelivery Status
Plates / SheetsPlates / Sheets0.08-200mm(T)*W*LForging, hot rolling and cold rollingAnnealed, Solution and Aging, Q+T, ACID-WASHED, Shot Blasting
Steel BarRound Bar, Flat Bar, Square BarΦ8-1200mm*LForging, hot rolling and cold rolling, CastBlack, Rough Turning, Shot Blasting,
Coil / StripSteel Coil /Steel Strip0.03-16.0x1200mmCold-Rolled & Hot-RolledAnnealed, Solution and Aging, Q+T, ACID-WASHED, Shot Blasting
Pipes / TubesSeamless Pipes/Tubes, Welded Pipes/TubesOD:6-219mm x WT:0.5-20.0mmHot extrusion, Cold Drawn, WeldedAnnealed, Solution and Aging, Q+T, ACID-WASHED