What’s The Difference Between 1050 And 1100 Aluminum 1070 Aluminum

What’s the difference between 1050 and 1100 aluminum 1070 aluminum?

Aluminum 1050, 1070, 1100 aluminum all belong to the 1000 series. Their production process is relatively simple. So, their prices are also cheaper.

1050, 1070, 1100 aluminum have many of the same characteristics. For example, good ductility and tensile strength. Excellent corrosion resistance. High plasticity and good electrical conductivity. None of them can be strengthened by heat treatment. The hardness of aluminum 1050, aluminum 1070, and 1100 aluminum is relatively low. For the three materials, the higher the aluminum content, the lower the hardness. But the difference in hardness between them is not very big.

But there are subtle differences between Aluminum 1050, 1070, 1100. If you want to understand the different characteristics of 1050, 1070, and 1100 aluminum, analyze their differences in the following three aspects.

  • Composition
  • Various properties
  • Features and Applications

1– Composition


2–Various Properties

2.1Mechanical Properties

Elastic Modulus /GPa686869
Elongation at Break/%4.6-374.5-391.1-32
Fatigue Strength/MPa31-5722-4932-71
Poisson’s Ratio0.330.330.33
Shear Modulus/GPa262626
Shear Strength/MPa52-8148-7954-95
Tensile Strength/MPa76-14073-14086-170
Tensile Strength: Yield /MPa25-12017-12028-150

2.2Thermal Properties

Latent Heat of Fusion, J/g400400400
Maximum Temperature: Mechanical, °C170170180
Melting Completion (Liquidus), °C640640660
Melting Onset (Solidus), °C650640640
Specific Heat Capacity, J/kg-K900900900
Thermal Conductivity, W/m-K230230220
Thermal Expansion, µm/m-K242324

2.3 Electrical Properties

Electrical Conductivity: Equal Volume, % IACS616159
Electrical Conductivity: Equal Weight (Specific), % IACS200200190

2.4 Other properties

Base Metal Price, % relative9.59.59.0
Calomel Potential, mV-740-740
Density, g/cm32.72.72.7
Embodied Carbon, kg CO2/kg material8.38.38.2
Embodied Energy, MJ/kg160160150
Embodied Water, L/kg120012001190

3–Features and Applications

1050 Aluminum

The aluminum content of 1050 aluminum is 99.5%. 0.4% Fe is added to the 1050 aluminum plate to improve its conductivity.1050 aluminum is generally used in daily necessities, lighting fixtures. Decorations, and chemical industry containers. Heat sinks, electronics, lamps. Nameplates, electrical appliances, stamping parts and other products. It can also be used for corrosion resistance and high formability. But products that do not require high strength. Such as chemical equipment.

1070 Aluminum

The aluminum content of 1070 aluminum is 99.7%. It has the highest Al content in the 1000 aluminum plate series. A small amount of alloying elements are added to the 1070 aluminum alloy. Its mechanical properties are also slightly improved.1070 aluminum is usually used to make busbars, gaskets, capacitors. Tube isolation net. Wire and cable protection jackets, cores, flat ventilation system parts and trims.

1100 Aluminum

The aluminum content of 1100 aluminum is 99.0%. In terms of aluminum content, the hardness of 1100 aluminum is the highest among the three materials.1100 Aluminum has some Cu added. Improved the processing capability and surface finish of 1100 aluminum alloy properties. So 1100 aluminum can also be used in large storage tanks, food and chemical handling and storage equipment. Sheet metal products, welded components. Reflector, nameplate.


On the finished products, they are all can be made in aluminum plate sheets, aluminum foil, and aluminum trips.

Aluminum Price: Since aluminum content is different, the aluminum cost is different.


From the above content, hope you can know more about what’s the difference between 1050 and 1100 aluminum 1070 aluminum.

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