3Cr2NiMnMo has good processability. It is mainly used for hot work molds. Among them, the application of plastic molds is the most common. Besides, the special pre-hardening treatment of the steel makes it have good hardness when it leaves the factory. It can reduce the heat treatment process in the processing and production of normal molds and improve economic benefits.


3Cr2NiMnMo Worldwide Equivalents

Grade3Cr2NiMnMoP20+Ni1.2738/40CrMnNiMo864PDS5SIMPAX HI HARD/ 718 (HH)

3Cr2NiMnMo Chemical Composition


3Cr2NiMnMo Mechanical Properties

HardnessY.S.(0.2%)Y.S.(0.2%)UTSUTSElongationRoAElastic ModulusElastic Modulus

Heat Treatment 

Heating Temperature/ºCCoolingHardness/HRCHeating Temperature/ºCCoolingHardness/HRC


1)uniform hardness qualitative of Material;
2)No quenching crack danger, Without heat treatment costs that can reduce the tool cost;
3)Excellent polishing performance;
4)Good machining performance;


Used for various large-sized mirror plastic mold,precision mould
1)Leather grain, pear skin grain etching, imitation stone moulds
2)Clear plastic container classes such as pencil case, commodity high gloss mold
3)Such as refrigerator, air conditioner production to demand higher large mold

Cr12MoV products

Product typeProductsDimensionProcessesDeliver Status
Plates/SheetsPlates/Sheets0.08-200mm(T)*W*LForging, hot rolling, and cold rollingAnnealed, Solution and Aging, Q+T, ACID-WASHED, Shot Blasting
Steel BarRound Bar, Flat Bar, Square BarΦ8-1200mm*LForging, hot rolling and cold rolling, CastBlack, Rough Turning, Shot Blasting,
Coil/StripSteel Coil/Steel Strip0.03-16.0x1200mmCold-Rolled&Hot-RolledAnnealed, Solution and Aging, Q+T, ACID-WASHED, Shot Blasting
Pipes/TubesSeamless Pipes/Tubes, Welded Pipes/TubesOD:6-219mm x WT:0.5-20.0mmHot extrusion, Cold Drawn, WeldedAnnealed, Solution and Aging, Q+T, ACID-WASHED

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