Cr12Mo1V1 is a high carbon and high chromium cold work mold steel widely used internationally. It belongs to ledeburite steel. It has high hardenability, hardenability, and wear resistance. High-temperature oxidation resistance is good. Good corrosion resistance after quenching and polishing. Heat treatment deformation is small.


Cr12Mo1V1 Worldwide equivalents

country / regionUSAGermanJapanChinaISO
StandardASTM A681DIN 17350JIS G4404GB/T 1299ISO 4957

Cr12Mo1V1 Steel Material Chemical Composition


Cr12Mo1V1 Mechnical Properties

annealing≤255HBIndentation diameter≥3.8mm
Quenching≥59HRCModulus of elasticity207000MPa
Quality constant pressure hot melt Cp461J/(kg·K)  

Physical properties

critical pointAc1AcmAr1ArcmMs
temperature/℃ 810810810810810
Coefficient of expansion/℃-110.5×10-611.5×10-611.9×10-612.2×10-6

Heat treatment process


After the workpiece is rough-processed, it is heated to 600~650°C and kept for 2h. When the furnace temperature is cooled to 500°C, the furnace is cooled by air.


When the workpiece is slowly heated to 600°C, it is warmed up for the first time by keeping it warm for 20 minutes. When the temperature rises to 850°C, keep it warm for another 30 minutes. Carry out the second preheating, and finally heat up to 1020~1040℃, keep it for 25~40 minutes, and finally air-cooled out of the furnace.


It should be tempered immediately after quenching, and the tempering should be at least twice, and the holding time should be at least 2 hours each time.


Cr12Mo1V1 is suitable for the manufacture of various high-precision, long-life cold-work dies, cutting tools, and measuring tools. For example, punching dies with complex shapes. Cold extrusion dies.