Marine grade aluminum plate is an emerging market for aluminum alloy products and applications. Shipboard production capacity has also become an important standard to measure the strength of aluminum plate manufacturers.

The main Marine grade aluminum plate is 5083 aluminum plate, 5086 aluminum plate, 5754 aluminum plate, 5052 aluminum plate,3003 aluminum plate.

It is mainly used in the deck, engine stand, side of the ship, and the outer plate of the bottom of the ship. Such as yachts, grain ships, fishing boats, work boats, and sand ships.

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Marine Grade Aluminum Chraterisic

Marine grade aluminum alloy is specially treated to increase corrosion resistance. Such as adding other metals, anodizing. As the best shipbuilding material at present, marine aluminum alloy has the following characteristics:

  • Small specific gravity and high strength.
  • It can reduce the weight of the hull, but will not reduce the strength of the hull.Corrosion resistance.
  • Can reduce ship maintenance costs. And extend service life.
  • Good processing formability.
  • Can be used for various forms of processing. Such as cutting, stamping, cold bending, forming, etc.Good welding performance.
  • Can be easily welded.No low temperature brittleness.
  • Ideal for use in low temperature marine environments.
  • Non-magnetic. Compass will not be affected.
  • Has a high recycling value.
  • Marine grade aluminum price is much cheaper than stainless steel.

The main Marine grade aluminum Plate

5000 series aluminum alloy and 6000 series aluminum alloy are common marine grade aluminum. Here we introduce three popular marine aluminum alloys and their Temper.

5052 Marine Grade Aluminum

5052 aluminum alloy belongs to Al-Mg alloy. And contains a small amount of elements such as Cu, Mn, Si, Cr, Zn, etc. It is a relatively common marine aluminum alloy.

As a commonly used marine grade aluminum alloy, 5052 aluminum plate has good resistance to marine atmosphere and salt water corrosion. Its fatigue strength is greater than that of most grades of aluminum alloys. And it has good processing toughness. It is easy to form or Manufactured into complex shapes.5052 aluminum alloy cannot be increased in strength by heat treatment. So, its strength is lower than other alloys. But, it is higher than 3000 series alloys. It belongs to medium and high strength alloys.

So, 5052 aluminum alloy is suitable for complex shapes. But, applications that do not require high strength. Such as ship roof and side panels, chimneys, decks, cable trays, portholes, gangways, etc.

Commonly used 5052 marine aluminum alloys are H32 and H34.

5083 Marine Grade Aluminum

Both 5083 aluminum alloy and 5052 aluminum alloy belong to Al-Mg alloy. But its Mg content is higher than 5052. The strength and corrosion resistance of 5083 are better than 5052 aluminum alloy.So, 5083 is more suitable for applications requiring higher strength and corrosion resistance. Such as the ship’s side and bottom shell and keel.

The common states of marine grade 5083 aluminum base alloy are h112, h116, and h321.

6061 Marine Grade Aluminum

6061 aluminum is an Al-Mg-Si alloy. It can be increased in strength by heat treatment. It has a certain corrosion resistance. But not as good as 5083 aluminum alloy.6061 aluminum alloy has good workability and strength. It is very suitable for making structural parts of ships, stiffeners of hulls and other parts. But it’s not as durable as 5052 aluminum alloy.

Common 6061 aluminum alloy states are T6, T651, and T6511.

Marine grade aluminum Sheet plate applications and types

ApplicationsAluminum Alloy GradeProduct Type
Boat Side, Bottom Shell5083、5086、5456、5050Plates, Profiles
Rib Cage5083Plates, Profiles
Engine Pedestal5083Plates
Deck5052、5083、5086、5454Plates, Profiles
Wheelhouse5083、6N01、5052Plates, Profiles
Bulwark5083Plates, Profiles
Roof and Side Panels of ship Containers3003、3004、5052Plates
Mast5052、5083、6063、6060Tube, Bar, Profiles
Structural Materials For Marine Vessel Containers6063、6061、7003Profiles

Marine grade aluminum plate Price

The price of marine aluminum alloys depends on the cost per kilogram of aluminum. It includes the specifications and dimensions of aluminum alloys, processing technology, and processing costs.

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