What Is Aluminum Foil?

Aluminum foil is a hot stamping material that is directly rolled from aluminum alloy into thin sheets. Its hot stamping effect is like that of pure silver foil. So, it is also called a fake silver foil. Due to the soft texture and good ductility of aluminum, it has a silvery-white luster. If the rolled sheet is mounted on offset paper with sodium silicate and other substances to make the aluminum foil, it can also be printed.

Aluminum foil has a variety of widths and thicknesses. Its applications are also very extensive and common aluminum products in our lives.

Aluminum Foil Types

According to the difference in thickness, aluminum foil can be divided into Heavy gauge foil, medium gauge foil, light gauge foil.

Heavy gauge foil: A foil with a thickness of 0.1~0.2mm.

Medium gauge foil: a foil with a thickness of 0.01mm 0.1mm.

Light gauge foil: The so-called Light gauge foil is a foil with two zeros after the decimal point when its thickness is measured in mm. It is usually an aluminum foil with a thickness of less than 0.01. That is aluminum foil thickness is between 0.005~0.009mm.

In some countries, the aluminum foil with thickness ≤40ltm is sometimes called “light gauge foil”. The aluminum foil with thickness >40btm is collectively called “heavy gauge foil”.

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Aluminum foil characteristics

The foil has an elegant silvery-white sheen. Various patterns and patterns can be easily processed.

The aluminum foil surface is very clean and hygienic. Neither bacteria nor microorganisms can grow on its surface.
Aluminum foil is a non-toxic and odorless material. It can come into direct contact with food. There will be no danger to human health.

As a metal film, aluminum foil has good plasticity. So it can be used to package products of various shapes. Can also be made into containers of any shape.

The hardness and tensile strength of aluminum foil are very large. However, the tear strength of aluminum foil is small. Easy to tear.

The shielding properties of aluminum foil are very good. After the aluminum foil is combined with paper and plastic. Can improve shielding against water, air, UV rays and bacteria.

Aluminum foil Applications

Aluminum foil is widely used in the packaging of food, beverages, cigarettes, medicines and household daily necessities. Packaging is also the product that can effectively exert the performance of aluminum foil.

Aluminum foil can be applied to electrolytic capacitor materials. Electric coils of transformers, capacitors of radios and televisions, insulating materials of storage tanks, etc.

Aluminum foil is also commonly used in the construction industry. Such as thermal insulation materials, decorative products.

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