1070 Aluminum Foil,1070 aluminum alloy foil

  • Thickness: 0.015-0.2mm
  • Applications: Aluminum foil gaskets, Food packaging, Electrolytic capacitor, Winding of transformer, Cosmetics lid

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1070 aluminum foil contains 99.7% aluminum. The production process is relatively simple. It is the alloy foil with the highest purity in the 1000 series aluminum foil.1070 aluminum alloy foil retains high electrical and thermal conductivity close to pure aluminum. It can also be recycled. It saves resources and protects the environment.

1070 aluminum alloy foil is also a good choice for industrial use. For example, aluminum foil for electrolytic capacitor, transformer, aluminum foil gasket and other industrial structures with specific properties, all is made of 1070 foil.

Chemical Composition



  • 1. High Conductivity. The 1070 Aluminium Foil conductivity is as high as 62. {20℃(68℉)(%IACS)}. This makes it a strong conductivity advantage over other alloy aluminum foil. The 1070 aluminum alloy foil thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity are second only to Cu, Ag, and gold.
  • 2. Good Corrosion Resistance. The surface of aluminum 1070 foil will naturally produce a dense protective layer of Al2O3. It is well resistant to corrosion of atmosphere. Including industrial atmosphere and ocean-atmosphere, water, most acids, and organic matter.
  • 3. Light Weight. At the same volume, it weighs only about 35% as much as Cu and Fe.

Mechanical Properties

Tensile strength  σb (MPa)85
Yield Strength σ0.2 (MPa)≥35
Elongation δ16 (%)55
Electrical conductivity (20℃)(IACS,%)62

Aluminum Foil 1070 Price

  1. JC Metal China 1070 Aluminum Foil price = Ingot Cost/Raw aluminum cost + Processing cost.
  2. 1070 Aluminum Foil unit price is $/ton,$/kg,$/Pound,$/lbs.
  3. 1070 Aluminum Foil price will be different as per the below factors. Such as Length, Width, Thickness, State, Surfaces Treatment.
  4. Business Term: FOB,CFR,CIF,DDP,DUP…
  5. Payment Term: TT.LC.TT+LC…


  • Core Diameter: 405mm or 505mm
  • Protective Film:The film with the customer’s trademark can be customized according to customer requirements.

Before Packing

After Packing

Container Loading

Technical parameters

Typical Alloy1070 Aluminum Foil
TemperF, O, H14, H16, H18, H19, H22, H24, H26, H28, etc.
Thickness (mm)0.015-0.2
Width (mm)100 -1600
Length (mm)Customized
Typical ProductWinding of transformer, Electrolytic capacitor, Cosmetics lid

Market Applications

  1. Gaskets, capacitors, electronics, battery covers, transformer windings.
  2. Various shapes of packaging for food and lunch boxes.
  3. 1070 aluminum foil has good shading and barrier properties and can be used in the pharmaceutical industry.

1070 Aluminum Alloy foil for electrolytic capacitor

1070 aluminum foil has a high conductivity of up to 65.0% IACS. Excellent thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. It meets the performance requirements of aluminum foil for electrolytic capacitors.

1070 Transformer aluminum foil

The thickness of 1070 aluminum foil commonly used in transformers is between 0.02 and 0.055 mm.

1070 cosmetic Lidaluminum foil

The thickness of the cosmetic bottle cap is usually 0.17mm to 0.5mm. 1070 aluminum foil is flat, free of roll marks, scratches, and stains. It guarantees the processing requirements of bottle cap forming, fitting, printing.

Typical Products:1050 1070 aluminum roll.1050 1060 1070 aluminum foil for transformer


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