8021 Aluminum Foil

  • Thickness: 0.018-0.2mm.
  • Applications: pharmaceutical packaging, battery packs, lunch box materials, PTP, milk cover foil.

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8021 aluminum foil belongs to 8000 series aluminum alloy. At present, the aluminum foil alloy for soft pack batteries is mainly 8021 aluminum alloy foil. JC Metal 8021 aluminum foil for soft pack batteries has excellent punching and puncture resistance. After testing, the elongation rate can reach 13%-18%, and the cup height can reach 7.3mm. 8021 aluminum foil can be composited, printed and bonded to become packaging materials. For example, pharmaceutical packaging and food packaging.

Chemical Composition



1. Good extensibility. Good deep drawing performance, good electrolyte corrosion resistance, high heat seal strength. Often used in deep-drawing packaging materials.
2. Strong mechanical properties, high explosion resistance, strong puncture resistance and tear resistance.
3. The surface is smooth and clean, with uniform color, no spots and no oil stains. The most important thing is no pinholes. So, it has excellent moisture-proof, light-shielding and extremely high barrier capabilities.
4. High and low-temperature resistance. Will not cause oil leakage due to temperature changes.

Mechanical Properties

Tensile strengthσb (MPa)90-110
Elongationδ10 (%)13-18
Cupping test value  (mm)6.2-7.3
NoteErichsen Test

8021 Aluminum Foil Price

  1. JC Metal China 8021 Aluminum Foil price = Ingot Cost/Raw aluminum cost + Processing cost.
  2. 8021 Aluminum Foil unit price is $/ton,$/kg,$/Pound,$/lbs.
  3. Aluminum 8021 Foil price will be different as per the below factors. Such as Length, Width, Thickness, State, Surfaces Treatment.
  4. Business Term: FOB,CFR,CIF,DDP,DUP…
  5. Payment Term: TT.LC.TT+LC…


  • Core Diameter: 405mm or 505mm
  • Protective Film:The film with the customer’s trademark can be customized according to customer requirements.

Before Packing

After Packing

Container Loading

Technical parameters

8021 Battery Film FoilBare,Mill FinishO /H*2 /H*40.035-0.055100-1600Customize
8021 Pharmaceutical FoilBare,Mill FinishH14 /H180.018-0.2100-1600Customize
8021 Packaging FoilBare,Mill FinishO /H22 /H240.018-0.2100-1600Customize

Market Applications

Battery pouch, lunch box material, food packaging foil

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