1050 aluminum foil manufacturer,1050 o aluminum foil

  • Thickness: 0.006-0.2mm
  • Application: Food packaging, capacitors, cable tapes, aluminum foil gaskets.

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1050 aluminum foil contains at least 99.5% aluminum. It has higher conductivity than other 1000 aluminum alloy series. It is the first choice in the transformer and switchgear market.

1050 aluminum foil has low density, good electrical and thermal conductivity, and good corrosion resistance. It usually refers to an aluminum plate with an aluminum element content of 99.5%. Since there is no need to add other chemical elements, the production process of 1050 aluminum foil is simple. The price is relatively cheap compared to alloy aluminum plates. Aluminum foil applications are wide.

Chemical composition



1. Aluminum foil 1050 is close to pure aluminum. It has strong plasticity. heat insulation. electrical and thermal conductivity, high ductility and reflectivity.

2. Good corrosion resistance. In air, oxidizing aqueous solution and high-temperature concentrated nitric acid medium, the aluminum foil 1050 surface is easy to produce dense aluminum oxide passivation film.

3. No brittleness transition at low temperature. The lowest design temperature of the container made of aluminum 1050 foil can reach -269℃. It is the best choice for low-temperature container material.

Mechanical Properties

Specimen Size: all wall thickness

Note: longitudinal mechanical properties of tubes at room temperature

1050 Aluminum Foil Price

  • JC Metal China 1050 aluminum foil price = Ingot Cost/Raw aluminum cost + Processing cost.
  • 1050 aluminum alloy foil unit price is $/ton,$/kg,$/Pound,$/lbs.
  • 1050 grade aluminum foil price will be different as per the below factors. Such as Length, Width, Thickness, State, Surfaces Treatment.
  • Business Term: FOB,CFR,CIF,DDP,DUP…
  • Payment Term: TT.LC.TT+LC…


  • Core Diameter: 405mm or 505mm
  • Protective Film:The film with the customer’s trademark can be customized according to customer requirements.

Before Packing

After Packing

Container Loading

Technical parameters

Name1050 aluminum foil
Material StateO、H18、H19、H22、H24
Typical productFood packaging, capacitors, cable tapes, aluminum foil gaskets, etc.

Market Applications

JC Metal is a 1050 aluminum foil manufacturer. The typical use is 1050 aluminum foil for transformer.

1. Compound with plastic film, paper, and other materials. Used for food packaging such as tea, puffed food, etc. It can effectively extend the shelf life of food.

2. Auto insulation foil, electronic cable tape.

3. Production of dry-type transformers. It is the key raw material for transformer windings.

4. Used in kitchen packaging and tableware. Outdoor decoration, and thousands of industries that need strong and easy construction.

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